Neptune deploys Starlink on car and bulk carriers

Greece’s Neptune Group is undertaking a fleetwide roll-out of the Starlink satellite communications system in partnership with service provider Navarino.

The deal covers both Neptune Lines, specialising in the transport of cars and heavy cargoes, and Neptune Dry, focused on transporting dry bulk commodities via bulk carriers. Together, they manage a fleet of 22 car carriers and five bulk carriers.

“As an IT department, we maintain an open-minded approach to technology. I’ve closely monitored developments in the LEO satcoms sector in recent years and was pleased to integrate Starlink terminals into our existing VSAT and Iridium setup on our vessels,” said Christos Kapodistrias, Neptune Group IT Manager.

“This new connectivity service has radically improved the onboard experience for both our crew and our business operations, thanks to its high speed and low latency. Our crew can now communicate with their families via high-quality video calls and fully utilise the online world without experiencing delays or disconnections. Ensuring the well-being of our seafarers has always been our priority and we’re delighted with their positive response to the Starlink service.”

“From a business perspective, Starlink has brought significant improvements, offering faster access to our fleet for updates, troubleshooting, and remote installations, enhancing our overall efficiency and capability. Having partnered with Navarino as our satellite systems provider for some time, we anticipate continuing our collaboration on future projects. A crucial aspect for us in selecting a technology partner is the ability to access dedicated support promptly, and Navarino consistently delivers on this front.”

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