Metis updates analytics platform

Maritime software company Metis reports that it has launched a revised version of its analytics platform, with additional information layers, filtering and improved navigation.

New developments include additional fleet- and vessel-level summary dashboards, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide improved overviews in specific domains of focus, including ship emissions, vessel performance, optimised operations and machinery condition.

The company says that the KPI capability should prove useful for benchmarking within a vessel fleet and between sister ships, allowing users to focus on areas requiring attention with ‘at a glance’ status checks.

The updates also include a new Metis ‘Data Health indication’, which evaluates data received based on validity, completeness and timeliness.

“We’re reconfirming the Metis commitment to digital solutions that bring competitive advantage for shipping businesses and benefit the maritime industry as a whole,” said Frank Paleokrassas, Chief Product Officer, Metis.

“The new platform will greatly enhance the everyday experience for the user, providing easier access to existing intelligence and increasing return on digital investments. It is significantly faster and more engaging, as well as smoother in every aspect.”

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