Cobham Satcom expands TVRO antenna line-up

Cobham Satcom has added two new TVRO (TV receive only) antennas to its portfolio, with the Sailor XTR 100 TVRO and Sailor XTR 120 TVRO models now commercially available. 

The equipment combines features from the company’s Sea Tel TVRO portfolio with technology from the Sailor XTR VSAT platform and will be targeted at a wide range of users, from superyachts and cruise ships through to merchant vessels.

The antennas also include a built-in IP integration option for third-party devices, offering remote access capabilities for speedy service support.

Able to receive three DirectTV satellites simultaneously, the systems can be seamlessly switched between regions or services, to ensure reliable TV connectivity.

“Our new TVRO antennas provide unmatched RF performance that enables a dependable link to the satellite, meaning viewers on board will always have a great TV experience, wherever they are in the world,” said Henrik Fyhn, VP and Product Line Director, Maritime, Cobham Satcom.

“Whether for crew welfare on a commercial shipping vessel or guest entertainment on a luxury charter, these antennas are the most advanced, high-performance TVRO antennas in their class and the viewing experience they provide is all the better for it.”

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