Tototheo Global to incorporate Neuron satcom management system

Tototheo Global has partnered with Neuron in a deal that will see Neuron’s AI-powered satcom quality of experience (QoE) management platform made available as an additional reporting tool to vessels contracted to Tototheo.

The agreement follows proof of concept tests exploring how Neuron’s QoE analytics offering, Neuron 360, could be used to improve onboard connectivity operations and performance.

The partners will work together with customers to integrate real-time connectivity data from the antennas, routers and third-party systems on their ship’s end-to-end network, providing an overview of their connectivity and QoE on one vendor-neutral platform.

“Multi-network services are becoming widespread in commercial shipping, which makes it critical that there is transparency for the end user on the performance management of connectivity as a whole,” said Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, co-CEO Tototheo Global.

“Neuron 360 will ensure more uptime by bringing the visibility that makes it easier, quicker and less costly to resolve shipboard communication issues.”

Tototheo is already also part-way through a proof of concept with Neuron Grid, an AI-powered network management system that enables intelligent network orchestration across multiple providers, orbits and networks, such as LEO, MEO, GEO, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi.

These varied options can be consolidated into a single channel, with traffic routed across all available services and providers for the optimal QoE, while also managing bandwidth and cost constraints.

“Intelligent multi-provider, multi-orbit orchestration will unlock a number of new use cases for shipping companies, with the ability to quickly scale from a few megabits to hundreds as needed, while keeping QoE high and total cost of ownership low,” said Benny Retnamony, founder and CEO of Neuron.

“Through our partnership with Tototheo, we look forward to bringing the Neuron platform to more companies to help accelerate the future of smart shipping.”

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