American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group completes fleet Starlink rollout

American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group (ARC) reports that it has completed the rollout of Starlink satellite internet services across its entire US-flagged fleet, to be primarily used to support crew welfare services.

Roll-on roll-off vessel operator ARC provides shipping and intermodal services for the US Department of Defense, other US Government departments and agencies, as well as commercial customers.

“Our mariners are the most important asset we have,” said Eric Ebeling, ARC President and CEO.

“They put in long weeks at sea and make tremendous personal sacrifices in order to help our military partners move critical vehicles and materials to strategically important regions of the world. This new technology allows ARC’s crews to maintain contact with family and friends ashore while delivering for the US government.”

Starting in early 2023, ARC has been adding Starlink to its vessels one by one, completing the project with installation on its newest vessel, M/V ARC Honor, in February of this year.

In addition to supporting its seafarers, the move to add Starlink across the fleet is also expected to improve the company’s security management and operational communications onboard the vessels.

“Wi-Fi has become a necessity for many mariners, rather than a luxury,” said Seafarers International Union (SIU) Communications Director Jordan Biscardo.

“Improving seafarer quality of life is a priority and we are glad to see that ARC is making improvements like adding Starlink to the ships they are working on.”

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