Awake.AI integrated into CommTrac bulk terminal operating system

Awake.AI’s predictive vessel ETA technology is to be integrated into the CommTrac bulk terminal operating system from TBA following a new partnership between the firms, to assist users in reducing waiting times, turnaround times and emissions.

Using machine learning algorithms, Awake.AI’s software provides real-time predictions on vessel voyages, enabling port operators and logistics providers to optimise their operations by reducing uncertainty in arrival times.

Monitoring and visibility of future arrivals can be automated up to several weeks ahead for oceangoing vessels to support better planning and scheduling of relevant activities.

“The system allows up to 80% more accurate predictions using machine learning models,” said Awake.AI’s CEO, Karno Tenovuo.

“This can lead to up to 27% cost savings for the terminal operator and big benefits to the environment too.”

CommTrac is currently deployed in 36 bulk terminals, in countries including the UK, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Mozambique. The software is used to manage the transport of animal feed, grain, coal, general breakbulk and other cargos, centralising the terminal’s data in a single location for improved operational integration.

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