Orange Marine extends Opsealog deal

Orange Marine, a French company specialising in cable laying and repair operations, has renewed and expanded a contract with data analytics company Opsealog to improve digitalisation and operational efficiency across its fleet.

The collaboration between the two companies began in May 2023 with a three-month trial on one of Orange Marine’s cable-laying vessels, Pierre de Fermat. This latest contract further extends the agreement to cover three more Orange Marine vessels.

Opsealog’s tools, Marinsights and Streamlog, are now being deployed on four vessels to support data collection and reporting processes, replacing the previously manual and spreadsheet-based methods used.

Improvements to date include the implementation of monthly reports detailing vessel operational profiles, automated tracking and reporting of CO2 and SOx emissions to comply with environmental regulations, and documentation of vessel activity, including hours spent in transit, operations, and stand-by in port.

“Our collaboration with Opsealog has been instrumental in modernising our reporting processes and preparing us for future environmental regulations,” said Hugo Plantet, Quality, Safety, Environment Director at Orange Marine.

“The tailored solutions and innovative features developed through this partnership have significantly enhanced our operational monitoring, with the aim of managing our environmental footprint.”

Orange Marine vessels operate under various Cable Maintenance agreements, covering regions from the Atlantic and Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, and southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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