Windward and RightShip in data integration agreement

Windward and RightShip have announced a partnership to enable cross platform data sharing between their respective systems.

The partnership will see Windward’s sanctions data integrated into RightShip’s platform and vetting workflow, to assist users in managing regulatory compliance, safety concerns related to the ‘dark fleet’, and ESG requirements by providing visibility in both pre and post fixture operations.

Rightship’s customers will now have the option to access Windward’s AI-powered insights, including information on items such as STS meetings, dark activities, and GNSS manipulation along with its existing ESG and safety data.

The Windward platform can then be accessed for deeper investigations into vessels flagged during the screening process if required. Additionally, Windward vessel reports will be available on demand in the RightStore.

“RightShip is committed to enhancing the safety and sustainability of the maritime value chain and increasing transparency to empower our customers to make informed decisions,” said Steen Lund, Chief Executive Officer of RightShip.

“Through our partnership with Windward, we aim to enable users to navigate the maritime industry’s growing complexities, ensuring they remain compliant, minimise risks, and maintain confidence in their trading activities.”

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