ClassNK releases IMO DCS portal

Classification Society ClassNK has released ClassNK MRV Portal (IMO DCS), a software service for the reporting, monitoring and verification of shipping CO2 emissions in line with the IMO DCS regulations that will come into effect in 2019.

The new system builds on the fuel consumption data reporting already required by EU-MRV (European Union – Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) regulations for ships operating in the EU area began in 2018.

The upcoming IMO DCS regulations require all globally operating ships over 5,000GT to collect fuel consumption data and create an annual fuel consumption data report to submit to their flag administration or recognised organisation for verification.

ClassNK MRV Portal was launched in 2017 to facilitate compliance with EU MRV regulations, and has now been updated to support IMO DCS.

The software include onboard data sending functionality, an on-shore data management system, and a function for submitting an annual fuel consumption report. The software can also connect with third-party packages or in-house logbook software to allow users to submit necessary data reports to ClassNK through the system.

“We are very excited and proud to offer this major update to our ClassNK MRV Portal software solution. There is no doubt that the added convenience will prove beneficial to users, and the industry will now be able to smoothly respond to the upcoming IMO regulations,” said ClassNK Corporate Officer, Director of Survey Operations Division, Yoshinori Kozeki.

Users of ClassNK MRV Portal for EU-MRV can use the software for IMO DCS without any additional registration.

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