ChartCo in MeteoGroup partnership

ChartCo has agreed a deal with MeteoGroup to add MeteoGroup’s weather routing technology services to its OneOcean platform.

OneOcean is ChartCo’s software platform for e-navigation, route and passage planning, environmental compliance, data management and a broad range of other services. MeteoGroup’s services are used to minimise fuel consumption and emissions by calculating and recalculating optimum routes and anticipating oncoming weather and sea conditions.

MeteoGroup offers a custom software development kit (SDK), based on its SPOS (Ship Performance Optimisation System) product, which will integrate with a range of services within the OneOcean platform.

“Our quest was to build a flexible, cost-effective, integrated weather offering suitable for a wide range of vessels,” said Martin Taylor, CEO of ChartCo.

“I still find it incredible that the majority of vessels only have access to the very basic weather warnings from their Navtex system. This partnership supports our vision to bring innovative, valuable services to a wide range of sectors within commercial shipping. We are really excited to now be able to offer our shipping and offshore customers the best, and safest, weather services within our solutions. 

“MeteoGroup has shown deep domain knowledge and technical competence while developing a specific solution for our ChartCo OneOcean platform. Their well-executed, agile work process, governance and planning has resulted in an excellent synergy with our products. Our MeteoGroup-powered solution provides a consolidated service that takes more weather feeds, more often, than any other provider, including data from the ECMWF, the UK Met Office and NOAA’s NCEP.”

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