Fixed price ENC service launched by ChartCo

ChartCo has launched a ’Fixed Price Pay As You Sail’ (PAYS) system for electronic navigational charts, offering to supply users with all of their ENCs over the course of a year for a single fixed annual payment.

Vessels using PAYS will be tracked and granted ENC permits according to the routes they actually sail, with weekly updates exported to ECDIS via USB, DVD or network transfer. The Annual Fixed Price service will mean operators can have budgetary certainty on their annual ENC costs, with one order and invoice per year, ChartCo says.

The services can also be combined with the company’s Fixed Price Nautical Service (FPNS), which similarly covers all navigational and compliance data requirements for a single fee.

“Our focus at ChartCo has always been to simplify the working life of mariners, and our new Fixed Price PAYS offering – combined with the fully integrated OneOcean platform – take simplicity to a new level,” said Howard Stevens, ChartCo CCO.

“Our continued focus is on streamlining the process of buying navigational and compliance data. We’ve had an encouraging amount of customer uptake on our already existing Fixed Price Nautical Service, and our PAYS service – combining the two represents the next evolution of digital navigation.”

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