Kognifai opened to third party partners

Kongsberg has announced that it has opened up its Kognifai Partner Program to third party developers for the first time, to allow external technology providers to connect to its digital infrastructure to support the delivery of applications and services to end users.

Kongsberg Digital created Kognifai, an industrial digital platform and ecosystem, to help companies to gather, structure, store, and analyse their industrial data, and to make that data more accessible for reuse in value-added solutions and applications delivered by Kongsberg and its partners.

“We have opened our partner programme to all in order to speed up the rate of digital transformation in the maritime sector,” said Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

“By sharing the Kognifai infrastructure and Kongsberg’s expertise through our partner programme we are providing our clients and partners with a safe and secure digital ecosystem, domain knowledge and an ocean of certified value-adding applications.”

Software developers and providers in the programme can leverage Kognifai’s infrastructure to quickly scale apps and services, simplifying their distribution to customers who are looking for digital applications that have been approved by Kongsberg as being safe and secure.

Companies that have already joined the partner programme include KPMG, VesselMan, NSG Digital, and KNL.

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