Sea Cargo Charter to incorporate shipowner emissions monitoring

The Sea Cargo Charter (SCC), a framework aligning chartering activities with environmentally sustainable behaviour, reports that it has expanded its scope to cover emissions monitoring and reporting by both charterers and shipowners.

The Sea Cargo Charter provides a common, global baseline for assessing and disclosing the climate alignment of chartering activities, with 37 companies having pledged to support the initiative in the four years since its inception.

This latest expansion to include shipowners aims to increase the initiative’s impact on transparency and shipping decarbonisation by allowing charterers and shipowners to monitor and report their emissions under a common framework, allowing signatories to quantitatively evaluate and disclose whether their chartering activities align with internationally adopted climate goals.

“By enabling broader collaboration within the Sea Cargo Charter, we are forging a new path committed to sustainable practices and transparency for the industry,” said Eman Abdalla, Global Operations & Supply Chain Director at Cargill Ocean Transportation.

‘Widening access to the Charter acknowledges shipowners’ crucial role in reducing shipping emissions, enabling key stakeholders to report transparently within a unified framework and gain crucial data-driven insights to reduce emissions.”

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