Columbia Shipmanagement opens Performance Optimisation centre

Columbia Shipmanagement President, Mark O’Neil, at the opening of the new Performance Optimisation Control Room

Columbia Shipmanagement has formally opened its new high-tech Performance Optimisation Control Room in Cyprus, with the aim of improving the performance of its ships across a wide range of operational areas through continuous monitoring and data analysis.

When full functionality roll-out is complete, Columbia says that the Control Room will be manned 24/7 by personnel who will look to optimise vessel safety, crew rotation and training, as well as improving performance through analysis of speed, fuel consumption, delays and weather routing data.

“It is a visible and tangible example of how digitalisation and technology can be harnessed for optimisation of vessel operation and management,” commented Columbia’s President Mark O’Neil at the opening ceremony.

“Not only will it make us more attractive to our clients and potential clients, it will also make our clients more attractive to the market through optimised operation. The Performance Optimisation Control Room demonstrates Columbia’s commitment to its clients and to the provision of a thoroughly modern, digitalised and optimised service.”

Remote management of maintenance is another key goal for the new facility, including preventative maintenance through sensor and camera technology, alongside improved disaster avoidance and contractual compliance.

“Centralising our operations will give us the ability to better deal with fast-changing scenarios and developments as they happen. With 24/7/365 support, our goal is to have even faster decision-making and greater visibility by using modern technology to achieve cost-efficient vessel operations,” explained Captain Pankaj Sharma, Manager of the new Control Room.

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