Cyber monitoring dashboard launched by Naval Dome

Naval Dome has introduced a new cyber Dashboard system, developed to provide a centralised portal for monitoring of the cyber security status of all protected systems onboard ships.

The Dashboard collects and collates all the data captured by the company’s Endpoint cyber protection system. The portal has been created to allow shipboard and shoreside staff to monitor and evaluate fleet-wide system data, even when a ship is offline by using the most recent data uploaded from ship systems to Naval Dome’s Cloud infrastructure.

Once the Endpoint system has gathered information from navigation systems and machinery, such as ECDIS, RADAR and other critical equipment onboard, the data can be accessed via the Dashboard display on a PC, allowing users to determine the number of PC-based systems onboard each ship and which of them are protected.

A Cyber State section provides information on the number of cyber security anomalies detected (caused, for example, by GPS spoofing), while a Cyber Map pinpoints the geographical origin of cyber-attack attempts as gathered from Naval Dome’s cyber database.

The Dashboard also indicates if an attack is in progress, but Naval Dome notes that this is for information purposes only as those systems protected by Endpoint will have been secured without requiring intervention from the crew.

If an anomaly alert is issued the Dashboard will enable the operator to assess how the crew reacted to the problem, pinpointing the location of a suspected event and detailing who was using the equipment at the time.

“Naval Dome knowhow offers multiple layers of protection and anomaly detection, the effectiveness of which has been proved by comparing systems protected by Endpoint with those which are not,” said Naval Dome CEO, Itai Sela.

“In this way, secure use of onboard systems can be more efficiently monitored and lessons can be learned from the experience to further optimise fleet efficiency, ultimately reducing the costs related to resolving non-cyber events.”

“The aim is to let shipowners know the cyber status of their onboard systems without having to react in any way. It’s our problem to deal with the attack. Naval Dome can deliver a very smart system that does not require any training. With just one click, shipowners can see the cyber activities of their entire fleet and control it.”

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