Vessel tracking app launched by Pole Star

Pole Star has announced the launch of a new mobile app for use on Apple iOS devices, PSP Tracking, which will allow users to integrate vessel tracking services from their central desktop application on smartphones and tablets.

The app is free of charge, and available in the Apple Store under the name ‘PSP Tracking’. While currently only available for iOS, the company says that it is also working on an Android version which it plans to announce shortly.

Within the app, users can view ships, under accounts or sub-accounts, on a map or in list view, and then select a specific ship to view its movement history and details. The user can make their own choice as to which map to use as their base layer from a range of map types, and can also add weather layers within the map view.

A range of data configuration features are available, to manage parameters like clustering, global ship trail length and vessel label, and the device’s reporting frequency can also be changed to suit the user’s preferences. In addition, users can share the display of an entire fleet in presentation view by mirroring their device on Apple TV.

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