Navis to standardise carrier and terminal applications

Navis has introduced its new ‘Navis Smart’ system, designed to allow the company’s software systems for vessel managers and terminal operators to communicate more easily, supporting improved standardisation and data exchange between ships and shore.

Navis Smart is a layer of technology to connect Navis terminal and carrier applications, and data, across the company’s portfolio, standardising that data to provide a foundation for the application of machine learning systems.

“The industry has had many waves of innovation driven by standardisation of the container up to the most recent automation and electrification of container handling machinery,” said Younus Aftab, Chief Product Officer at Navis.

“In today’s digital economy, where data is more valuable than ever, we see smart applications leveraging data across multiple existing systems. The emergence of these smart applications will revolutionise the way terminals and carriers manage their operations.”

“Smart applications that utilise this untapped data will drive the next wave of innovation and new opportunities for progressive improvements in asset utilisation and operational performance. We’re excited to bring Navis Smart to market as we continue to provide our clients with solutions that continuously learn and improve to meet their daily needs.”

Navis has presented two initial applications built with Navis Smart technology, including Compass, an on-premise or Cloud-based system to consolidate different planning phases into an intelligent planning process.

“Compass provides an end-to-end view of the vessel planning process, standardising the execution for vessel visits and matching performance against KPIs,” said Patrick Brehmer, Senior Product Manager, NavisLabs.

“It will help terminal teams, EDI clerks, vessel planners, planning managers and operations managers be on the same page and avoid costly errors.”

The second Navis Smart application to be launched is N4 Ops Monitoring, used to provide real-time business intelligence for operations monitoring at terminals.

“To make critical decisions in real-time, operations managers need visibility into operational events as they happen to make decisions and take action on the spot, to handle exceptions and to improve productivity while saving time and cost,” said Manoj Bhardwaj, Director of BI Solutions, Navis.

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