Big Data at Blue Planet

“In terms of data flowing through specific applications our company is currently consolidating all operations under a single unified ERP software; instead of finding ways to combine independent systems the software we’re using integrates the company’s operations under one system, connecting the head office to the vessels, all working under the greater umbrella of the Blue Planet organisation,” Mr Pandis explained.

“Any information that needs to be shared to one or more vessels from one or more vessels seamlessly flows to its corresponding destination.”

“A brief and concise example would be a vessel adding a missing item into our fully digitised spares catalogues. The system knows which vessels share the relevant equipment – and consequently item catalogues – and will automatically update their libraries with the newly created item. The only user involvement will be determining whether to validate the new item as created by the vessel or not.”

The company’s modernisation approach has even extended to propulsion systems, with the company an early adopter of a new Flettner rotor technology from UK firm Anemoi Marine Technologies, which takes advantage of the ‘Magnus Effect’ to harness wind power at sea and reduce fuel consumption.

Blue Planet has implemented a Flettner rotor system to improve energy efficiency

The system is made up of rotating vertical cylinders installed on board, which are powered by the ship but also gather extra energy from the force of the wind passing through them. That energy is then fed back to support vessel propulsion, reducing the fuel required to power the engines. >>>continued on page 3

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