Voyager Worldwide updates voyage management application

Voyager Worldwide has upgraded its Voyager Fleet Insight web software, improving its voyage tracking features and adding new alerts, while also introducing the ability to manage office technical libraries.

The new Alerts function notifies marine superintendents and other team members when significant operational changes occur, with options to set alerts when vessels deviate from planned routes, unexpectedly change course, stop moving or lose AIS signal. Regular position updates can also be requested at user-defined intervals to help monitor voyages and validate Noon Report information.

The vessel tracking module has also been improved to give users a more detailed view of vessel routing, including departure and arrival ports (including berths) and times, distance travelled and stationary periods.

The new Office Technical Library management feature will additionally allow shipping companies to manage their office libraries in the same way as vessel libraries, to ensure consistency between teams.

“We work hard to collect and share the data our customer needs and provide our Voyager users a continually improving experience,” said Dominique Law, Product Manager at Voyager Worldwide.

“Voyager Fleet Insight has empowered thousands of marine superintendents around the world by providing unmatched levels of navigation purchasing and compliance transparency to help them drive down their overall cost of operations.”

“This latest version of Voyager Fleet Insight, featuring more detailed voyage information and tracking alerts, gives our users more of the insight they need to make more informed, faster operational decisions and enjoy the best possible experience.”

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