Tidewater OSV to implement connected hybrid power system

The Tidewater Marine Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) Bailey Tide is to implement a new Kongsberg hybrid power system that will be directly connected to a web-based platform to provide the company and its sub-suppliers with continuous data access to monitor operations, both on board and on shore.

The Kongsberg Information Management System (K-IMS) will be provided alongside systems like K-Pos DP (Dynamic Positioning), K-Chief 700 IAS (Integrated Automation System) and AGS (Advanced Generator Supervisor) as part of the package, providing continuous data to optimise power management and enhance vessel positioning manoeuvres.

Work on Bailey Tide’s upgrade has already started and is expected to be completed before May 2020, the companies said.

“Kongsberg’s comprehensive hybrid upgrade positions us as a pioneer in the OSV sector,” adds Jeff Gorski, Chief Operating Officer for Tidewater Marine, “in helping our clients to meet strict environmental regulations, due to be introduced in 2020, for decreasing CO2, NOx and SOx emissions. It manifests our leadership approach towards reducing the carbon footprint on the global maritime map.”