Columbia Shipmanagement and CMMI announce joint technology research project

Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) and the newly formed Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) have signed an MOU to launch a joint research programme called Digital Waves, which will explore new methods for data gathering leveraging next-generation connectivity systems and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The new partners also intend to explore shipboard sensor-based IoT systems, augmented and virtual reality applications, and the potential of 5G and Edge/Cloud technologies to power machine learning capabilities, with the goal of promoting safer and more efficient vessel operations.

“As we enter the new year and a new decade amid the beginning of fundamental digital transformation in shipping, we envisage, through Digital Waves, to benefit from the combination of the rise of improved and cost sustainable connectivity and digitalisation to transform every aspect of the shipmanagement model over the next three decades, with a primary focus on safety and efficiency to the benefit of our clients,” said Mark O’Neil, President of CSM

The first phase of the project, to be led by a new team assembled by CMS and CMMI, involves a strategic analysis of issues facing the maritime industry and its stakeholders that could be impacted by the application of technology, with the second phase to focus on testing and implementation of new systems in real-life maritime environments.

The final phase will be the subsequent development of digital products and services which will then be jointly offered to the wider maritime sector by the two partner organisations.

“We are very excited that only a few weeks after CMMI set sail – having received great support in funds and resources from the EU, the Cyprus Government and our industry and academia partners – we are now embarking with Columbia Shipmanagement on a voyage of exploration into the sea of Big Data. A voyage that promises a lot of opportunities,” said Zacharias Siokouros, CEO of CMMI.

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