Teekay Offshore deploys IT network management systems across its fleet

Teekay Offshore is to deploy the ITLink range of onboard IT management systems from Marlink on board its fleet of vessels, expanding its relationship with the satcom provider following the agreement of a separate VSAT contract renewal between the parties in May 2019.

The ITLink systems will be implemented across Teekay Offshore’s fleet of shuttle tankers, ALP towing vessels and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units to manage and optimise the onboard network infrastructure and deployed software.

The new set-up will allow the company to standardise and remotely manage the networks on its vessels, while also allowing software updates to be automated across the fleet.

“As our operations become ever more sophisticated, encompassing the shore-based remote monitoring of onboard systems, it’s obviously vital for us to know that the digital foundation between vessels and from shore to ship can be relied upon without question,” said Regis Rougier, Vice President Operations, Teekay.

“We’re delighted to have Marlink as an attentive and convenient single interface between our all-important IT and communications structures.”

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