Kyklades Maritime begins ERP implementation

Greece-based shipowner Kyklades Maritime Corporation has begun the roll-out of a new integrated maritime ERP software system from JiBe, which will be applied to the management of its fleet of Aframax, Suezmax and VLCC vessels.

Kykldes Maritime agreed the deal with JiBe following the conclusion of an evaluation period, in line with the company’s strategy of transitioning to a fully integrated web-based platform for its ship management business.

“We are excited to begin this project with JiBE. We have been looking for a dedicated shipping ERP tech company that has a large existing client base, while also seeking best practices from its clients to continuously improve,” said Dimitris Patrikios, CEO of Kyklades Maritime Corporation.

“The ERP implementation is a strategic project for us, and our team is focused on the smooth implementation and is ready to complete this project swiftly with the cooperation of the JiBE professionals.”

“We strongly believe that the future of ship management is in Big Data, machine learning and powerful industry-wide networks for risk management.”

The JiBe ERP system has now been implemented on approximately 1,200 ships, a figure bolstered significantly by the addition of shipmanager Anglo-Eastern to the firm’s client list in 2019.

JiBe says that this expanding customer base will also help to improve the quality of its services going forward, by allowing the Big Data and machine learning capabilities of its UpWind platform to benefit from the “critical mass” of data required to provide more effective learning-based risk management, performance management, and procurement tools.

“We are thrilled that Kyklades has selected JiBE,” said Yariv Zghoul, CEO of JiBe, commenting on the new contract.

“JiBe is committed to delivering one version of its product to all clients, eliminating expensive customisations, and without extra charges for upgrades and updates.”

“A modern ERP that was designed with a web framework from the get-go can run a single version for all clients, with basically no need for customisation. The result is up to 70% in reduced IT and office admin spending while delivering the most advanced solution to the ship manager or owner.”

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