ONE begins paperless Bill of Lading transformation

Container line Ocean Network Express (ONE) reports that it has completed its first electronic Bill of Lading (eB/L) transaction, a first step in a digitisation initiative which aims to allow all draft bills of lading and sea waybills (whether paper or electronic) to be shared, reviewed and approved online by customers.

ONE is working with essDOCS on the digitisation project, using its CargoDocs system to create the paperless document process.

The container line used its first electronic bill of lading for a shipment of containerised synthetic rubber from Russia to China. The transaction involved SIBUR International as the shipper and SIBUR International Trading (Shanghai) as the end receiver. Novo Orient Agency acted as port of load agent in Russia, SIPG Logistics as SIBUR’s agent at the discharge port in China and UNISCO as ONE’s husbanding agent.

As it now moves to the next phase of the project, ONE says that it will allow customers to use electronic bills of lading commencing from Q2 2020, initially on a regional basis before the service is expanded worldwide.

In addition, ONE and essDOCS have commenced work on a project to digitise the container line’s draft B/L review, edit and approval process, using CargoDocs’ collaborative drafting capability. The project will allow for data flow between the software and ONE’s customer facing eCommerce portal and its internal TMS (Transport Management System) forms, to eliminate data re-entry.

The combined system will enable all ONE customers to either print B/Ls from the internet or receive original electronic eB/Ls from ONE eCommerce, within a single platform.

“Accelerating ONE’s digitisation effort is the key to actively addressing our customers’ pain points such as waiting times for Bill of Lading issuance,” said Richard Hiller, Global Head of Sales, Customer Service and Documentation for Ocean Network Express (ONE).

“essDOCS has a long history and proven track record of digitising paper processes and connecting supply chain participants, while also navigating the realities of a fragmented, complex trade industry. Our collaboration will enable ONE to provide our customers with improved levels of service through digitisation.”

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