Aaland University to upgrade simulator training facility

The Aaland University of Applied Sciences in Aaland, Finland, is to carry out a large-scale overhaul of its simulator facilities, with new hardware and software to improve its bridge and engine room training capabilities.

The project with Kongsberg Digital will see the university’s existing K-Sim Engine simulators updated to the latest technology and models, while the facilty’s ship’s bridge simulators will be upgraded with new hardware panels and ported to the latest K-Sim Navigation technology platform.

Additionally, to enable training in LNG handling and bunkering procedures, a new vessel model based on a Dual Fuel passenger ship will be developed as an integrated Bridge/Engine simulator.

The new facility will be capable of holding integrated team training exercises for marine engineers and bridge crew on a total of five different simulated vessel models, Kongsberg says. The entire delivery, scheduled for the autumn 2020, is subject to a five-year LTSSP (Long-Term Service Support Programme) agreement.

“This huge upgrade emphasises our commitment to educate students by using the best and most modern simulation equipment available. It’s a substantial investment which means that the university will now have a complete range of simulators for study and research purposes,” said Bengt Englund, Vice-Rector, Aaland University of Applied Sciences.

“Our focus is on team training to strengthen both individual and collective competence, and the five simulated vessel models, with their integration flexibility, will address all of our training requirements.”

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