Seafarer mental health courses to be livestreamed over satcom

Clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Glynn-Williams will be streaming live to ships at sea

Maritime livestream training company Tapiit Live has added a new package of mental health courses for seafarers impacted by pandemic restrictions, in the run up to World Mental Health Day on October 10.

The new service was announced shortly after the company was confirmed as the latest addition to the Inmarsat CAP (Certified Application Provider) programme, which will allow vessels with Fleet Xpress installed to livestream training sessions to vessels over satcom.

The mental health course, titled ‘Mental Wellbeing at Sea at Times of Uncertainty’, is intended for both onshore and offshore users. The one-hour course is delivered in a group set-up, which could be in the mess or training room, with participants sent workbooks to complete.

The course is delivered by clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Glynn-Williams, from UK-based Seaways Psychology Services. Dr Glynn-Williams will remain online for up to an hour after the livestreamed class has ended so that seafarers can approach her individually if they wish to.

Tapiit Live notes that, although the course is not intended as a clinical session, she can refer individuals to a network of further mental health assistance should she feel it is needed. A follow-up contact is made by the company two months later to check on progress and offer further support to seafarers.

“Seafarers often live in cramped conditions, which we know can impact on mental wellbeing, so the main point of the course is to get people out of their cabins and into mess rooms where they can interact,” said Tapiit Live CEO, Richard Turner.

“The important difference in what we do is that this is not a webinar or e-learning, but we are trying to create a classroom environment where the lecturer engages with participants every five minutes and they feel able to interact.”

“Nothing beats classroom style learning and, while e-learning is effective, livestreaming is better as it ensures seafarers can actively engage with the tutor in real time or via private chat.”

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