ShipServ adds sustainability ratings to maritime procurement platform

Maritime e-commerce company ShipServ has added a new ethical procurement platform to help maritime buyers and suppliers make purchasing decisions based on the sustainability credentials of their potential partners.

Maritime buyers will be able to see suppliers’ sustainability credentials and analyse their performance alongside their commercial, social and environmental capabilities, while maritime suppliers will have the opportunity to promote their sustainability standards to increase their star rating displayed on the system.

As part of a phased approach, ShipServ says it will also look to further enhance the platform’s features as time goes by, including improvements in reporting and benchmarking, as well as increasing the visibility of sustainably-conscious and accredited suppliers in front of buyers who are searching for their products and services.

“A significant amount of time and resource has been invested in the launch of our new platform including a new search engine, profiles, features and solutions. However, critically we have evolved and enhanced it within the context of the Blue Economy, in order to help maritime buyers and suppliers unlock the social, economic and environmental opportunities that this brings. From a supply chain and maritime trade perspective, this is where true optimisation can be delivered from,” said Henrik Hyldahn, CEO, ShipServ.

“We fully recognise the increased pressures and complexities that ship owners and operators face to improve the sustainability of their operations; developing our platform in this way provides their procurement departments with the ability to enhance the sustainability of their supply chain, and their competitiveness in the eyes of their customers.”

“Ultimately, ShipServ is dedicated to creating and facilitating a truly collaborative and digitalised trading environment for buyers and suppliers; one that simply and securely optimises procurement and sales processes, reducing the complexities of trade, and in doing so, increasing efficiencies, sustainable economic growth, and providing social and environmental benefits for the betterment of the industry and wider world.”

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