ShipMoney adds extra security to seafarer digital payment accounts

ShipMoney reports that it has added additional security features to its digital payments service for the maritime sector, to improve the cyber resilience of seafarer accounts.

The new ShipMoney Secure system will allow users to register their personal devices to ensure that transactions are only initiated from the seafarer’s account on those devices. Anybody who attempts to log-in to an account from an unregistered device is asked a security question and blocked if unable to correctly answer.

In addition to device registration, ShipMoney says it has also added other security features, including the use of one-time codes for two-factor authentication, Visa 3D secure 2.0 for online purchases, and other proprietary features.

“In these times of unprecedented cyber-attacks and phishing, nothing is more important than protecting the hard-earned money of seafarers,” said Stuart Ostrow, President and Founder of ShipMoney.

“The well-being of crew is our top priority as a company and ShipMoney Secure adds a strong layer of protection to their accounts. We are confident that our system is the most secure in the industry.”

“At ShipMoney, our overarching objective is to continually develop our platform with innovative services that are timely and add significant value, while enhancing functionality to improve the account holder experience.  A number of exciting developments are in the works and will soon be introduced.”

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