AET tanker granted ‘Smart’ notation

AET’s newbuild vessel Eagle Passos, delivered by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), has become the first shuttle tanker to be granted an ABS ‘Smart Notation’, recognising the digital capabilities of the vessel’s data communication and network infrastructure.

The tanker will also be granted Operational Performance Management (OPM) and Crew Assistance and Augmentation (CAA) class record comments in recognition of the optimisation, monitoring and reporting smart functions integrated on the ship, ABS notes.

This functionality is delivered through SHI’s SVESSEL platform, which is designed to support the transition from analogue-based conventional ship systems to a digital lifecycle vessel management approach.

“We are delighted to support AET with the latest smart ship solution SVESSEL, which is developed to complete digitalisation of the vessel,” said SHI Director of Ship and Offshore Research Institute, Vice President, Dr. Yong-Lae Shim.

“We expect to see a large number of SVESSEL to be applied in the marine and offshore industries in the near future and to contribute to the transition to digitalised smart ships.”

ABS launched its notations on smart technology applications in April 2019, with the publication of the ABS Guide for Smart Functions for Marine Vessels and Offshore Units. The Guide established a goal-based framework for smart function implementation based on a risk informed approach and requirements for smart function assessment.

“The Smart Infrastructure notation recognises that the hardware and software of the SVESSEL platform are designed and installed to support the rich data streams that can be leveraged to support enhanced maintenance, operational efficiency and safety capabilities. ABS is pleased to award this notation to a shuttle tanker as an industry first,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

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