Carisbrooke and SMT implement Nautilus platform to centralise optimisation efforts

Joint venture partners Carisbrooke Shipping and SMT Shipping are to work with Nautilus Labs in the application of artificial intelligence to optimise the performance of their vessel fleets, following the announcement of a new deal.

Both Carisbrooke, based in Cowes UK, and SMT, based in Limassol, Cyprus, are dry cargo and multi-purpose vessel owner/operators.

Carisbrooke first started working with Nautilus in October 2019 and is now using the technology on approximately half of its ships. Joint venture partner SMT Shipping began implementing Nautilus systems in November 2020 to optimise voyages on vessels jointly managed with Carisbrooke, with a view to eventually expanding to also cover its entire fleet.

The software application unifies the two companies’ various data sets and systems to provide analysis of fleet performance in real-time, allowing Carisbrooke and SMT Shipping team members to share common operating recommendations and insights based on the vessel-specific predictive performance profiles created by the Nautilus Platform’s machine learning models.

“Reducing carbon emissions and ensuring optimal fleet performance is core to our current strategy. We chose Nautilus Platform so that the Carisbrooke and SMT team members can work off the same information, driving collaboration, transparency, and accountability,” said Helen Tveitan de Jong, CEO at Carisbrooke Shipping.

“By launching our Fleet Operations Centre, our teams at Carisbrooke will use Nautilus Platform as the centrepiece to access vessel performance in real time, ensuring optimal operation of our fleet. We’re excited to embark on this innovative initiative with Nautilus that maximises our fleet’s efficiency, reduces our carbon footprint, and improves our relationship with our partners at SMT.”

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