METIS and Hivecell complete vessel edge computing trials

Maritime data analytics company METIS Cyberspace Technology reports that it has completed proof of concept trials to test the application of edge computing technologies from Hivecell in conjunction with its cloud-based shipboard data acquisition system.

METIS says that the completion of the project opens the door for scalable Hivecell stack processing power to be implemented on board ship, reducing bandwidth requirements for data transfer and improving response times for analysis.

Hivecell delivers a ‘hive’ of smart cells, deployed on the ship as an ‘edge-as-service’ package that requires no hardware investment. The cells pre-process relevant information for upload and have been tested using the virtualised METIS Data Fusion Server (DFS) and existing METIS cloud-computing software.

“Following the trials, Hivecell can be offered as an integral part of the innovative artificial intelligence-based solutions METIS has developed to empower shipping’s digital transformation,” said METIS Chief Executive Officer Mike Konstantinidis.

“METIS and Hivecell are each innovators in their specialised domains, and each looks forward to identifying common opportunities to implement game-changing solutions that can accelerate maritime digitalisation.”

The two companies have now signed a non-exclusive agreement that will see the partners continue with further development work focusing on improving system redundancy and deploying more machine-learning (ML) at the edge using open-source cloud computing technologies.

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