CORSICA Linea to standardise on SERTICA software

French ferry and freighter company CORSICA Linea has agreed a deal with software company Logimatic to convert its existing CMMS and procurement systems to the SERTICA application platform.

CORSICA Linea has taken the decision to move to a single software platform across the fleet as it continues to add new ships, so that it can align and simplify its technical management with the aim of improving data quality and performance.

The organisation will use the application to track and trace maintenance and procurement activities for different ships within the same system, a project which required some changes to internal processes to fit the new software, though the vessel operator has seen the benefits outweigh the effort involved.

“We take fleet management to the next level having a modern tool for both maintenance and procurement. Everything is centralised, which saves us a lot of time and work. It also makes it easier for us to add new vessels to our fleet in the future,” said Jean-David Paoli, Project Manager at CORSICA Linea.

“The crew manage to use the system even before they complete the training. I believe this is a clear sign of a user-friendly and intuitive system.”

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