KVH launches new 37cm VSAT antenna

KVH has launched its latest miniVSAT antenna, with the 37cm TracPhone V30 able to deliver 6 Mbps down/2 Mbps up bandwidth speeds on the company’s Ku-band network.

Weighing 10.6 kg, the unit is designed to be installed with a single power-data coax cable and to utilise DC power, to allow it to be fitted in confined areas.

The belowdecks unit, called the VSAT-Hub, provides HTS modem connections, built-in Wi-Fi, data routing, firewall security, and a VoIP adapter for phone calls.

“Our new TracPhone V30 delivers fast data speeds in a compact unit and we anticipate it will disrupt the leisure and commercial markets by making VSAT at sea affordable like never before,” said Mark Woodhead, KVH Executive Vice President of Mobile Connectivity.

“Whether they are streaming content, checking email, using social media, or managing their business, both recreational boaters and small commercial vessel operators can count on reliable VSAT connectivity wherever they go.”

Metered and unlimited use airtime plans are available, with month-to-month commitments.

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