Inmarsat adjusts Fleet Xpress portfolio to add user-led data control

Inmarsat is making changes to its Fleet Xpress product portfolio, shifting to modular data consumption options on top of the base connectivity package to allow users of different sizes in various market segments to adapt their specific data requirements to suit their strategy.

The company says that the move should ensure that customers do not pay for more bandwidth than they need, increasing transparency around the data that they consume and offering greater control over their usage.

“Launching our all-new Fleet Xpress portfolio to the market has been a long time coming. We have been working hard to create a portfolio that offers what every single maritime business could need,” said Ben Palmer, President, Maritime at Inmarsat.

“We can help new customers meet their individual vessels’ unique connectivity needs, ensuring that their data is as flexible as their business. For our valued existing customers, the high-quality, global coverage that they already enjoy won’t change – and neither will the 99.9% up-time that they’ve been accustomed to – but they will also benefit from additional insights into their data and more control over their spend and usage. After all, we don’t want any customer paying for data they don’t use.”

“For our network of partners, the new Fleet Xpress portfolio offers more accessible entry points for a wider range of new customers, a more linear and iterative upgrade path, and more flexibility to tailor data usage to individual customers’ needs – so they can be the ultimate business partner to their customers.”

The new Fleet Xpress portfolio will also introduce a fair access policy and data monitoring via a self-service portal. Users will be proactively notified when upgrades are needed based on changes in vessels’ demand to make sure they are getting the most suitable package to meet their objectives.

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