MPC Container Ships joins Eyesea pollution reduction effort

MPC Container Ships reports that it has joined the recently launched Eyesea initiative, a maritime pollution reduction organisation which aims to provide reporting and mapping of instances of pollution at sea using a smartphone application that creates geotagged images.

The app is currently under development by Eyesea, a non-profit society made up of members of the shipping and maritime community. The technology is currently being tested on board commercial vessels and amongst community volunteers and recreational boat users.

Once beta testing is complete, the Eyesea app will be made available to the general public.

“The Eyesea app proposes a simple yet effective way for the broader shipping industry to leverage its presence on the world’s oceans to enhance maritime protection and conservation,” said MPC CEO Constantin Baack.

“Our crews have the high seas as their workplace and care deeply about ocean health. Moreover, our vessels operate in parts of the globe accessible to few others. With a combined 80,000 commercial ships navigating the world’s oceans, the shipping industry has a unique opportunity to monitor and report on marine pollution.”

“The data we can collect and compile will in turn have a profound impact on our ability to target areas in need of attention and solutions in need of development. As such, Eyesea comes across as a good match for the ESG commitment of both MPC Container Ships and the broader MPC Group.”

The data collected by Eyesea members via the app will allow the organisation to create maps of maritime pollution, which will be combined with chart overlays to model the effects of current, wind, and tide on its movement and location to identify where clean-up efforts can have the greatest impact.

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