Gamification apps to support ‘K’ LINE safety culture drive

Japanese shipping company ‘K’ LINE has introduced new technologies to support its ‘K’ARE vessel and crew safety programme, adding gamified learning apps developed by Norway-based SAYFR.

The ‘K’ARE programme was initiated by group subsidiary ‘K’ Line LNG Shipping (UK) in 2015 with the objective of increasing service quality through improvements in safety culture. Based on the success of the that initiative ‘K’ LINE has decided to roll out the programme on a group-wide basis.

The shipping company aims to use the programme as a basis for improvement in both technical and non-technical skills within the organisation, upgrading employees’ professional marine and technical knowledge while also improving communication and collaboration among employees and teams.

Previously the programme has included, for example, full day workshops on shore and on board vessels with analysis of both real and fictious case studies, an app with training exercises, ‘homework’ assignments for employees, and follow-up through internal communication channels.

Software from SAYFR, a Norwegian consulting/SaaS (Software as a Service) company, will be used to expand the programme further, leveraging its unique data set of approximately 10 million data points from 200,000 employees working in global organisations and its digital tools such as gamification and simulation learning apps to shape culture at scale.

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