Marlink splits IT management service into entry-level and advanced versions

Marlink has updated its ITLink range of onboard IT management services to move to a choice of two implementation options, Entry Level and Advanced.

ITLink, a rebrand of the KeepUp@Sea system acquired by Marlink with its purchase of Norwegian maritime tech company Palantir in 2017, allows ship operators on shore to centrally manage and update PCs across entire fleets in one go, rather than individually per ship. The technology also allows for rapid restore processes on any of the installed software and hardware from integrated backup systems.

The ITLink Entry-level package aims to reduce the number of tasks that crew are required perform for software installations or operating system updates, while providing shore-based staff with an overview of the status of any IT network updates to support compliance with IMO cyber security requirements.

OS updates can be processed digitally using Marlink’s XChange edge server equipment, while a cloud-based IT health check dashboard offers information on all vessel IT devices and software.

The ITLink Advanced service builds on the Entry-level version by offering a wider range of vessel IT management tools, as well as the option to have the direct management of IT assets fully outsourced to Marlink. 

“Our ITLink solutions are designed to provide an expanded range of options that support management and compliance, from minimum requirements to complete and fully managed IT solutions,” said Nicolas Furge, President, Digital, Marlink.

“By providing a simplified range of solutions for smaller and larger owners or ship managers, we have responded to the need to help them improve efficiency, operate safely and meet compliance with IMO2021.”

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