Virtual arrival system trialled by ESL Shipping

ESL Shipping, steel producer SSAB and the Port of Oxelösund in Sweden have announced the commencement of a series of trials of a virtual arrival system to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during vessel operations.

The virtual arrival concept aims to reduce a vessel’s speed to meet revised arrival times if it becomes clear that the intended berth will not be free on arrival. Regardless of the actual arrival time, the vessel still retains its place in the line-up based on the arrival time at normal service speed, ESL says.

In addition to decreasing the environmental footprint of vessels spending less time idling and helping to optimise speeds during voyages, virtual arrival can also offer the port a wider range of options for more reliable scheduling and line-up of vessels.

The trials are taking place on the Luleå-Oxelösund route along the Swedish coast, with early analysis showing positive results, the partners note.

“The aim is to extend the Virtual Arrival to other common trade lines after the summer. It is delightful to see that other customers have shown strong interest in the concept too,” explains ESL Operations Director Kirsi Ylärinne.

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