Vodafone partners with Net Feasa for smart container platform

Irish wireless technology company Net Feasa has announced a strategic partnership with Vodafone to provide global connectivity for its IoTPASS intermodal smart container system, built on Net Feasa’s Connectivity as a Service platform.

The system will use Vodafone’s global IoT network to track individual containers rather than the truck, ship or train they are carried by, providing a single unified data set across the supply chain.

“With approximately 29 million active dry containers in circulation globally, and a shortage of containers across the globe due to the pandemic, there is a significant opportunity to transform the transportation of goods into a digitally enabled, smart logistical eco-system through our unique solution,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chairman of Net Feasa.

“This not only has significant business benefits but also has economic benefits for public sector organisations in being able to better manage supply and demand of vital goods while supporting the transition to a greener supply chain worldwide.”

“Our partnership with Vodafone allows us to build a truly global solution that can connect operations worldwide. We have worked closely with Vodafone Ireland from the infancy of IoT and we look forward to building this global solution together as we introduce the benefits of massive machine type communications to the future of the supply chain.”

Vodafone’s global IoT network already encompasses 123 million connections in over 39 countries, the companies note, supporting international supply chain operations.

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