Fleet Management launches digital inspections app

Ship management company Fleet Management has launched its new SafeView mobile application, offering fully digitised vessel inspection reporting to automatically share data with relevant onshore and offshore personnel.

The application, built on the company’s legacy PARIS technology platform, allows all inspection data to be directly input into the app rather than relying on multiple manual data entry points. Users can analyse that data in real-time and take action to ensure the safe condition of a vessel, while it can also be used by shipowners to track and measure their safety and environmental compliance.

A systematic scoring system provides consistency for vessel performance assessment across the fleet, and all collected data captured from SafeView can be uploaded to NOVA, the data analytics platform integrated with the PARIS ecosystem, to make use of its machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.

Fleet Management notes that the inspection questionnaire goes beyond statutory requirements, having been benchmarked against industry standards such as the OCIMF Vessel Inspection Questionnaire and Port State Control Codes. It can be used for inspections on any vessel type, from oil and chemical tankers to dry bulk carriers and container ships, also supporting remote inspections if required.

“We’ve invested to build upon our existing PARIS technology platform because even after twenty years it is still fit-for-purpose; perhaps more today than ever before,” said Kishore Rajvanshy, Managing Director of Fleet Management.

“SafeView is the first fully digitised product in our PARIS 2.0 ecosystem and represents the beginning of our much broader, more long-term vision to seamlessly integrate digital technology and data into our existing operations and capability to drive efficiency and create new value for our customers. As a leading ship management company, I believe having a proven digital capability only serves to strengthen our role as a strategic partner to our customers.”

The SafeView vessel inspection module has completed a pilot phase and is now being deployed. An auditing module is currently in development and is slated to launch by the end of 2021.

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