Styrene monomer handling software introduced by Q88

Maritime software provider Q88 LLC has launched a new digital tool for chemical tankers, used to assist in managing the handling of styrene monomer.

The new Styrene Monomer Temperature Log and Inhibitor Depletion Tool will be available to users of its Milbros application package.

Styrene monomer needs to be stowed away from sources of heat during voyages to prevent it from polymerising. However, Q88 notes that during transport on chemical tankers cooling facilities are not always available, potentially leading to polymerisation incidents.

The new software provides chemical tankers with a temperature log tool that also calculates estimated inhibitor depletion on a daily basis, providing current inhibitor levels in each tank as well as the number of days remaining calculated for inhibitor effectiveness.

The tool will also issue warnings when the inhibitor effectiveness is less than the number of days remaining on the voyage, and will indicate when inhibitor levels are dangerously low, suggesting that the cargo must be tested or discharged immediately.

“Styrene monomer is considered by many to be an ‘easy’ cargo to handle and carry. But that is far from the truth. Runaway polymerisation incidents can have costly and catastrophic outcomes,” said Captain Soren Ibsen, VP of Milbros Systems.

“The new Styrene Monomer Temperature Log and Inhibitor Depletion Tool available for Milbros customers will give ships’ crews and office staff the confidence and peace of mind to carry styrene safely and without incidents.”

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