‘Smart Maintenance’ project for battery packs underway in Norway

A ‘Smart Maintenance’ project is underway in Norway to develop a digital service process to streamline the supply of vessel battery packs, involving ferry company Fjord 1, battery firm Corvus Energy and maritime software developer VesselMan.

Supported by government agency Innovation Norway, the project aims to implement a system for digital collaboration related to service assignments and project deliveries between related parties, including planned maintenance activities.

The system should result in a more data-driven workflow, with recommendations provided by Corvus Energy’s monitoring systems and displayed within VesselMan’s application.

“Fjord 1 will further develop its digital process with direct collaboration with Corvus Energy regarding all types of service assignments, and especially in connection with corrective jobs that will now be integrated into VesselMan,” said Nils Kristian Berge, Technology and Project Director at Fjord1.

“Further, we will facilitate a channel for receiving condition data and documentation which will ensure data-driven maintenance for Corvus Energy’s battery packs on our vessels.”

VesselMan says that the new system should support future moves towards increasingly autonomous operations, linked with land-based control centres that can directly receive condition data, documentation and technical specifications for Corvus Energy’s battery packs.

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