Navig8 to implement Windward predictive intelligence platform

Shipping company Navig8 has agreed a deal to use Windward’s predictive intelligence platform to perform data-driven vessel screening for compliance, bunkering and legal procedures, to bolster its due diligence and trading processes.

Navig8 will use the system as its primary tool for sanctions compliance, optimising screening for any vessel entering its pools as well as any third-party vessels conducting ship-to-ship transfers with its fleet. Integr8, Navig8’s bunkering company, will also use the platform to screen all vessels it bunkers.

“Our partnership with Windward is an essential tool to help us make clear and timely trading decisions across a number of our business lines and offerings,” said Paul Stevens, Chief Financial Officer of Navig8.

“Windward’s research and alerting capabilities offer swift and efficient support for our business team, which uses the platform to create business intelligence insights and facilitate new business opportunities.”

Windward’s Maritime AI system applies machine learning and behavioural analytics models to provide insights into vessel behaviours, ownership structures and company risks, and offers predictions in real-time as to which companies and vessels are likely to be high risk.

“The current regulatory climate necessitates all maritime players to digitalise their sanctions compliance and bunkering processes. We are proud to provide Navig8, one of the top tonnage providers to oil majors and leading commodities traders in the world, with a comprehensive view of what is happening with their fleet,” said Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO of Windward.

“Our solution takes it one step further and ensures sanctions compliance and optimised business practices, leveraging our technology to find more bunker trading opportunities, freeing up Navig8 to look to the future and focus on other business needs and goals.”

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