ZETA emissions management tool launched by ClassNK

ClassNK has released a GHG emissions management tool to assist vessel operators in tracking their CO2 emissions, while also offering the option to confirm and simulate ship CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) ratings.

The new ZETA (Zero Emission Transition Accelerator) tool will form part of ClassNK’s wider range of Zero Emission Transition Support Services, to assist maritime customers in their transition to lower emissions by providing assistance in planning and managing GHG emissions within business operations.

ZETA’s visualisation tool for CO2 emissions from ships is linked with the ClassNK MRV Portal to support compliance with MRV schemes such as IMO DCS and EU-MRV regulations. The class society says that users of the MRV Portal can utilise a variety of ZETA features without the need to input additional data.

CO2 emissions and CII ratings of individual ships or entire fleets can be displayed, with users able to check estimated annual emissions and ratings based on current operational status and monitor the progress of the company’s overall CO2 reduction targets.

The software can also simulate changes in CO2 emissions and CII ratings for an individual ship or fleet that would result from measures like slow steaming, installing energy-saving devices, or switching fuels.

In addition to ship management companies, ZETA data can be shared with shipowners and charterers within the IoS-OP (Internet of Ships Open Platform) framework, subject to appropriate data usage permission being granted.

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