Sony to integrate GateHouse data for cargo tracking system

Sony Network Communications Europe has signed an agreement with Denmark’s GateHouse Maritime to utilise GateHouse’s new data platform, OceanIO, within Sony’s Visilion cargo tracking system.

Based on re-usable smart trackers with sensors connected to the cloud, Visilion continuously gathers and uploads data which can be accessed via a web interface.

It provides notifications about arrival and departure, positioning, temperature, shock, tilt and humidity detection, as well as information on the whereabouts of goods in real time, whether they have been handled correctly or suffered route deviations, and if they will be delivered on time.

OceanIO aggregates up to 150 million daily data points from sources including approximately 300,000 oceangoing vessels, as they report information regarding their geographical position, heading, speed and depth, together with inputs from 160 satellites and 2,500 terrestrial stations, 110 container freight carriers, 4,000 container ports and terminals, and meteorological activity reports.

“GateHouse Maritime’s OceanIO platform combines extensive and comprehensive data sources to provide a robust and scalable foundation to extend the range and functionality of ocean visibility for the Visilion tracking solution,” said Erik Lund, Head of the Tracking Division, Visilion at Sony Network Communications Europe.

“Working with GateHouse Maritime, we will continue the journey to provide customers with unparalleled visibility of their goods for all modes of transport.”

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