Accelleron begins data analysis partnerships with Danelec and Hoppe Marine

Accelleron, the rebranded ABB Turbocharging division, has agreed two new data collection and analysis partnerships, with Danelec Marine and Hoppe Marine respectively.

The new joint service with Danelec will deliver real time operating data through the combined utilisation of Accelleron’s Tekomar XPERT marine performance analysis system and the DanelecConnect maritime IoT product, to collect data from vessel systems including the automation system, the voyage data recorder, GPS, ECDIS, the gyro compass, the engine, propeller, automatic identification system (AIS), and individual sensors.

The data will be analysed via Tekomar XPERT to advise on potential efficiency improvements and processes to reduce downtime for maintenance or repairs in port.

The deal with Hoppe Marine will similarly focus on shipboard data collection and analysis, leveraging Hoppe Marine’s digital vessel infrastructure to gather data from a range of onboard systems for analysis by Accelleron’s software.

“This is an important step forward as the maritime sector focuses on achieving greater efficiencies and operational optimisation,” said Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships for Digital solutions, Accelleron.

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