EEXI compliance software launched by WinGD

Swiss marine engine company WinGD has launched a software-based Engine Power Limitation (EPL) system to support compliance with the IMO’s EEXI (Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index) regulations, which enter into force next year.

The system uses the engine control system to limit engine power to meet EEXI design efficiency baselines and includes a required emergency override capability. It is applicable to all WinGD, Wärtsilä and Sulzer X, X-DF, and RT-flex two-stroke engines operating with UNIC or WECS-9520 engine control systems.

The company says that the technology can be installed in a single port stay with no engine downtime to allow vessels to secure EEXI compliance without disrupting their planned voyage schedule.

“Some EEXI solutions could involve high retrofitting costs or have a knock-on impact on operations or engine performance. A software-based EPL from the engine designer is the most economical way to meet the new requirements while safeguarding reliability and minimising disruption to the fleet,” said Dr. Rudolf Holtbecker, WinGD Operations Director.

“This solution leverages our deep understanding of engine design and operating experience. It represents an important step in greenhouse gas emissions compliance for WinGD engine users, providing a compliant baseline engine output from which operational emissions can be further reduced in line with evolving regulations.”

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