G2 Ocean signs with StormGeo for voyage optimisation

Norway-based open hatch and conventional bulk carrier operator G2 Ocean has signed with StormGeo for weather routing and voyage performance services, using the BonVoyage System (BVS) and s-Insight platform for route optimisation.

G2 Ocean covers 37 trade lanes and operates more than 120 vessels, transporting wood pulp and other forest products, aluminium, steel, granite, and industrial minerals.

“Through the s-Insight platform, we gain good insight into current and historical voyage routing and performance, which help us make better decisions,” said Trond Aga Haug, Fleet Performance Manager at G2 Ocean.

“We have installed the BonVoyage System (BVS) onboard our vessels. This tool gives our crew high-quality and accurate weather maps at their fingertips – assisting the master and officers in making good routing decisions and safeguarding the vessel, crew, and cargo.”

s-Insight is a cloud-based self-service web portal providing onboard and onshore validation of ship-to-shore data streams, offering G2 Ocean an overview of its entire fleet with information on vessel location, weather conditions, speed, and fuel consumption.

BVS offers route optimisation, voyage planning, and weather forecasting support to optimise routes, monitor weather conditions, and plan for optimal navigation.

“StormGeo is very excited to have G2 Ocean onboard and provide actionable decision support with our advanced tools and route analysis experts,” said Rolf Reksten, VP of Route Advisory Services at StormGeo.

“We have deep experience in routing bulk carriers and offer a future-proof solution that not only provides weather routing and fleet performance services but also lays the foundation for an environmentally compliant operation. We look forward to being G2 Ocean’s partner in the digital future of shipping.”

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