CCPO to implement ABB system to optimise fleet performance

Hamburg based ship manager CPO Containerschiffreederei (CCPO) is to implement ABB’s ‘Tekomar XPERT system for fleet’ application to optimise performance and reduce fuel usage for 55 vessels.

The deal is the first contract signed by ABB for the new fleet system, launched in June this year as an update to the original Tekomar XPERT engine performance diagnostics software introduced in 2015. The 2019 application incorporates all of the standard features of its predecessor but adds functionality to provide decision support for management of all of a company’s vessels.

The web application interface provides insight into engine performance from fleet to vessel level through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engine health, optimisation potential and fleet performance benchmarking. These KPIs provide an overview of engine performance across the entire fleet regardless of engine make, type and age.

Ships and fleets are listed according to current performance and their status is indicated within the display. The system then identifies the necessary adjustments required to reach optimum engine performance and efficiency at a fleet wide level, to reduce fuel used. 

“We are always looking to adopt the latest technological advances to minimise our environmental footprint; this is a key driver for us when procuring services and products,” said Christoph Gessner, Managing Director, CCPO.

“With Tekomar XPERT for fleet, through optimising our engine health, we can minimise costs and the environmental footprint, and in return we can pass on these benefits to our customers.”

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