Peter Döhle signs up for Seably online eLearning

Peter Döhle Group has agreed a deal to connect its fleet and crew to the Seably online marketplace for maritime training.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices, subsidiaries, and partner companies located worldwide, the Group will link 130 of its fleet vessels to the service for maritime training and development, giving more than 5,500 Peter Döhle seafarers access to eLearning content.

“Before deciding on Seably, we had a series of different providers and learning platforms,” said Rainer Starke, Training Manager, Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG.

“Our goal was to establish a solution which is easy to implement and offers a wide variety of training. We embarked on a thorough market research exercise, where we looked at possible solutions for our fleets.”

“When we came across Seably, we were attracted to its unique approach. So, we asked a number of our captains to trial it ‘under cover’. They logged in as normal users and provided us with very good positive feedback.”

The cloud-based system does not require installation of any additional software and allows crews to access the marketplace on their own devices, at sea or on shore, providing Peter Döhle with the opportunity to flag up potentially beneficial training options that seafarers can access directly and download on to their own devices.

Seably is owned by the Swedish Shipowners’ Association and was built by seafarers, providing access to virtual training and eLearning through more than 450 dedicated courses developed by industry specialists. It operates on a shared revenue algorithm for its international community of course providers.

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